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Ash Wand withTwist 15"


Sacred to the Sun and the Green King, Ash is one of the most important magickal woods... The famous world tree of Norse Myth... In Traditional English Witchcraft Rowan, Hawthorn and Ash together will open the realm of the Fey.

Sadly the horrid Ash Borer Beetle has destroyed all the Ash trees in the Midwest... But lucky for us our daughter lives in Idaho, which is where we cut and seasoned plently of Ash for Wands, Keppens and Athame handles...

This attractive Ash wand should be used for all solar workings of success, health, prosperity, abundance and confidence. 

I carve and shape my wands to preserve the beauty of the bark and fine grain of the wood, the wand manifests its final shape, typically phallic in nature. My wands are sanded using 8 grades of sandpaper - down to super fine 400 grit which is used in furniture production - so my wands appear shiny as though varnished. The wand was  finished by being consecrated in an oil suitable for the Lord Of The Grey and The Green.

The wand is approx 15 inches.