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Belladonna Dried Berries aka Deadly Nightshade - 0.25 OZ ONLY


Saturn - Hekate workings, baneful magick - POISON - NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!. We accept no liability for anyone who consumes this plant or gives it to others to consume.

We normally sell all apothecary items by the OZ... but we only sell Belladonna by 0.25 OZ... this is because we grow it ourselves and only have a limited supply and as its poisonous.

This is REAL European Deadly Nightshade - it is NOT american Nightshade which is not the same plant at all!

This is our home grown Belladonna.. We have been harvesting the berries since summer. We leave the little "caps" or "hats" on as they are pentacles!

While supplies last! We have 100s but we are one of the few online sellers who sell baneful herbs and we never have enough for all year.