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Candelaria Event

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Artes and Craft presents,  Candelaria, a festival of bringing back the light to our dark winter world.


The festival will be held online over two days, Saturday, Feb 6 and Sunday, Feb 7.

Special guests include Jason Mankey,  Laura Tempest Zarkoff and Ian Corrigan.

With a demonstation of blacksmithing techniques by Paul Barbary.

Performances by Doug the Bard and Ragnar

Workshops by some of our own local instructors.

Tickets for the 2 day event, may be acquired through the link below. Half of our proceeds will be donated to Pagans in Need.


Please join us in this experience of resurrecting the light. Many cultures will be discussed .  La Candelaria is a Mexican holiday honoring the Feast of Saint Brigid. But…our workshops and performances will include worldwide variations on this theme.