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Climbing the Tree of Life


Qabalah is a dynamic system of esoteric philosophy that underlies most of the modern magickal traditions. It explores the nature of divinity, the niverse, the human soul, creation, the function of life and a whole range of other philosophical and metaphysical subjects. The Qabalah offers the opportunity to follow a well-defined and multi-layered map of magickal ritual, consciousness expansion, self-integration and balance.

Subjects covered in this book include: – The Development of the Qabalah through History – The Sephiroth, their symbols and temples – The Divisions of the Tree of Life, including the Pillars, Worlds and Triads – The Tetragrammaton or Unpronounceable Name of God – The Shekinah and the Divine Feminine in Qabalah – The Parts of the Human Soul and Qabalistic Doctrines on Reincarnation – Qabalistic Ritual and Ritual Techniques – Meditations on many aspects of the Tree of Life – Applying Qabalah in Daily Life.