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  • Mulberry and Iron Boline - Lugh


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    This is one of our hand forged Iron Bolines. We use a large drum mandrel to bend the hot Iron to create a perfect Luna crescent. Some blades are then patterned with special texturing hammers, other smooth with a few hammer marks as these are all hand made not machine produced! The blade is then sharpened and polished to a mirror finish. 

    The hand carved handle is Mulberry, which like Rowan and Hazel is sacred to Mercury - Lord Of Magick. Mulberry, like Hazel is a liminal tree that likes to grow on the edge of woodlands next to clearings, paths and fields. This liminal nature perfectly suits its mercurial attributes. Mulberry is known as "the wisest of all trees". Perfect for all magickal works of manifestation, healing, cunning, commerce, travel, and communication..We have learned a technique to leave a little of the bark and under bark on, which makes a gorgeous finish. The handle is hand carved and then sanded to a fine furniture finish and oiled with our Luna Ignis "Love" anointing oil.

    The Boline is approximately 13 inches long - 7 of which is the blade.