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Elder Keppen With Rounded Point 7


Elder is sacred to the progenitrix, the goddess of the craft. Elder is known as the tree of life and death. Hollow Elder twigs can be used to breath life, or death, into a poppet, talisman or other. This keppen therefore is sacred to the lady and can be used for light or dark, so take care with your intent. Luna in nature, gathered at Lammas 2015, oiled and consecrated by luna rite and incense of the lady. Keppens are mini wands - they come from Traditional English Witchcraft - they are easily concealed in the palm of the hand or carried in the pocket or purse - and so are very portable and perfect for working magick in public without being noticed. Our keppens are hand carved and then sanded with 8 grades of sandpaper - the final being 400 grit which is used for fine furniture making, the wood shines as though polished and varnished. All our keppens are consecrated with Luna Ignis Oils and Incense suitable for the god/goddess the wood is sacred to.