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  • Holly and Brass Small Athame - Belus


    This is a gorgeous Brass flame shaped blade, polished to a mirror finish. It is from our "cunning craft" range of simple and smaller athames. Many of you asked us to make smaller blades for those with small hands or limited altar space.

    The hand carved handle is Holly, gathered from a tree at our Covenstead that had a large branch fall after a heavy wet snow storm at yule in 2016. Holly is solar in nature.  Perfect for the forces of the Horned One! With its Solar nature it is also perfect for all works of health, success, joy and prosperity. The handle is hand carved and then sanded to a fine furniture finish and oiled with our Luna Ignis "Lord" anointing oil.

    The Athame is approximately 8 inches long - 4 of which is the blade.