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  • Oak and Iron LARGE Athame Forged With Pentacle


    This is our new "Priest/ess" range of larger and more elaborate hand forged Iron Athames.

    Forged from steel... Then we stamped a pentacle by hand into both sides of the blade... Also finished with our signature "Luna" finish where we create craters in the flat of the blade with different sized ball hammers.... And striated with the edge of a flat hammer to create criss-cross grooves.... To create a blade that cries aloud its cunning craft pedigree.

    The large white oak handle was carved by hand and oiled with our own Luna Ignis anointing oils.. Oak is solar in nature and perfect for the Lord Of The Forest... Gathered from our own trees at Artes And Craft at Midsummer,

    The Athame is approximately 17 inches long - 9 of which is the blade.