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Yin Yang Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque


Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque  – Cold Cast Resin

Beautiful artistry is highlighted in this Yin Yang Double Dragon Alchemy Wall plaque depicting highly detailed double wingless dragons with Sun and Moon Symbols.

Plaque measures 11″ in Diameter and has 2 hooks on the back
so you can choose which end faces up!

Alchemy implemented Allegory, which explained reactions through symbols, meant that a picture, the most common being a dragon devouring a sun, represents a chemical reaction. The symbolism was used to stump those who were not truly dedicated to the work of alchemy.

The symbol for Mercury is the caduceus, which is two serpents entwined upon a rod. This is derived from Greek mythology, using the story of Mercury, the god’s messenger, and his intervention between two fighting serpents. This symbol was depicted both with and without wings.