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Thor NEW for 2020


Hand made by skilled initiates for practitioners everywhere... Luna Ignis incense blends use the very finest resins, herbs and woods from all over the world. Each is designed for a specific intent, using using cabalistic and traditional correspondences to ensure the ingredients perfectly align. 

THOR! For Thor I wanted something super male and different... So I was smelling ALL of the things in the apothecary... And I came across Oak Moss... Its basically a Lichen.. Rich and musky and used in the perfume industry to "fix" a cologne and make the smell last longer... Then I mixed it with crushed juniper berries and juniper oil.. Frankincense, dragons blood and Burgundy pitch... Thistle, Nettle and hawthorn soaked with Thuja, Tarragon and oak moss oils.. Red sandal wood and safflowers to finish... It is SO MALE... Like a good aftershave... The Oak moss brings the juniper alive and it slams into your nose with the dragons blood and Frankincense.. Underneath are deep pine tones from the Thuja and Burgandy pitch... Its complex... Its Chris Hemsworth bottled and ready for sex. Its even gorgeous to look at (the incense, not Chris Hemsworth)...