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  • Rowan and Iron Serpent Athame - Hermes

    $90.00 $81.00

    Glorious and beautiful English Rowan, gathered by Pat and I from the high moors of Cornwall where the stone circles are!!

    The blade is one of our unique "Serpent" blades... Forged with a snakes head and body, with a small ball hammer used to create the effect of scales. Sharpened and polished to a mirror finish!

    Rowan is sacred to Mercury, Hermes, Thoth and Odin, lord of Magick, communication, medicine, travel, commerce and all things liminal. It is a beautiful orange wood with a deep grain and a purple bark that is just stunning. Rowan is the most magickal and sought after of the classic woods of celtic tree lore and English witchcraft.

    The handle has been oiled with our Luna Ignis LORD oil.