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  • New Athame Of Selene... Elder handle with Selenite blade. "Luna"


    Beautiful... 6 inch highly polished and carved single sided selenite blade. Each blade requires 5 cycles of sanding from 80 through 400 grit... Then 5 cycles of polish... The result is a transparent blade light catching blade that looks like an icicle and glows as lit with an inner light under the light of the full moon or the sun. 

    12 inches long in total with the hand carved Elder handle. The Elder handle has a carved twist. The wood was gathered from our covenstead where we have several beautiful Elder trees growing around our pond. Elder is known as the tree of life and death and is one of the most magickal of all trees. There is even an ancient rhyme that must be said before cutting wood from the Elder Tree - “Old Woman, give me some of thy wood and I will give thee some of mine when I grow into a tree.” - legend says that if this rhyme is not recited then you will be cursed! We of course observed the magick and cut our Elder with love and respect, then it was seasoned, carved and sanded to 300 grit. Elder is sacred to the Moon and all Luna Goddesses. The handle has been consecrated with Luna Ignis "Lady" oil.