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N203 - Angel Ring Pendant

$34.99 $26.24

The seven planetary angels are depicted within the enamel of the pendant, corresponding with the reverse side inscribed with their respective names, planets and days. 

This pendant is sold on a leather cord, including a circle and bar closure that can be adjusted to your preference.

The table below shows the details of the inscriptions on the front and back of the pendant.

Angel: Och Phul Phaleg Ophiel Bethor Hagith Arathron
Day: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Planet: Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Metal: Gold Silver Iron Quicksilver Tin Copper Lead
Approximate Dimensions: 
Width 1.34" x Height 1.34" x Depth 0.35"
Cord Length: 
Adjustable Leather Cord up to 30" 
Fine English Pewter with green enamel