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P734 - Black Talon Pendant

$39.99 $29.99

The cunning and the sinister is palpable in this foreboding claw of the corvus corax, clutching a sanguinary, marbled orb to scry for telling omens.

A black pewter raven's claw clutching a 16mm marbled glass ball, suspended from a burnished pewter, miniature raven's skull.

See complementary Ear Studs (E359), Buckle (B100), Wrist Strap (A105), & Ring (R201)

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 2.48" x Height 0.63" x Depth 0.67" .
Chain Length:
Fine English Burnished Pewter with Blackening & a Glass Ball
Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 2.44" x Width 1.10" X Depth: 0.59"
Ribbon Length:
39" long, 25mm wide
Fine English Pewter with an adjustable Satin ribbon