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  • Pan Playing Flute In Tree


    Pan the God of the Wild
    Pan is considered to be one of the oldest of GREEK GODS. He is associated with nature, wooded areas and pasturelands, from which his name is derived. The worship of Pan began in rustic areas far from the populated city centers, and therefore, he did not have large temples built to worship him. Rather, worship of Pan centered in nature, often in caves or grottos. Pan ruled over shepherds, hunters and rustic music. He was the patron god of Arcadia. Pan was often in the company of the wood nymphs and other deities of the forest.

    Pan’s Appearance
    Perhaps because of his association with nature and animals, Pan did not have the appearance of a normal man. The bottom half of his body was like a goat, with the top half of his body being like other men. However, he is often depicted with horns on his head, and his face is usually unattractive.

    Pan’s Lineage
    The parentage of Pan is uncertain. Some accounts say he is the son of HERMES and Dryope, but others say he is the son of  ZEUS or the son of Penelope, wife of Odysseus. The story of his birth says that his mother was so distressed by his unusual appearance that she ran away, but he was taken to Mount Olympus where he became the favorite of the gods.

    Pan’s Powers
    Like the other GODS OF OLYMPUS, Pan possessed enormous strength. He could also run for long periods of time and was impervious to injury. He could transform objects into different forms and was able to teleport himself from Earth to Mount Olympus and back. He is depicted as very shrewd with a wonderful sense of humor.

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     Hand painted cold cast bronze. 9.5" high, 6.5" Long, 6" Wide.