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Elective Oils - Picatrix


Quadrivium Supplies, Inc. is a producer and distributor of supplies for practicioners. Our main product is QUADRIVIUM OILS™, which are hand-made ritual oils, created according to the lunar calendar and planetary hours.These oils are electional, created at times determined by an expert astrologer trained in this discipline.

Each QUADRIVIUM OIL™ is hand made, sealed, labeled, and packaged securely in a sealed bag with an insert that provides information about that particular oil, known or potential allergens/irritants in the oil, and other useful information. The oils are made with entirely natural ingredients, without chemicals, synthetics, or solvents.

Quadrivium Supplies is owned and operated by Catherine Diedrich, a magical practitioner with a background in Roman Catholicism, NeoPaganism, hermeticism, traditional witchcraft, and American folk magic. She hates talking about herself in the third person, and is assisted by a number of magical practitioners, herbalists, and one very good astrologer. She has a husband and two daughters, she lives on the north side of Chicago

Please check the oil you choose on Quadriviums index of oils HERE.... .... Some of these products contain NUT OILS or other allergens or oils from plants that can be POISONOUS - therefore avoid consuming these oils, if you do wish to eat/drink the oils then check the ingredients CAREFULLY before doing so...