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Seven Sisters Voodoo OIls - choose


The Seven Sisters of New Orleans were seven sisters who were powerful Hoodoo women who operated in New Orleans circa the 1920s. The sisters were well known for their psychic abilities or clairvoyance. In fact, the sisters were alleged to have the power to look at a person and be able to read that person's mind or read that person's future. According to lore there is some controversy as to whether or not the Seven Sisters were seven separate women or were merely one woman, possibly pretending to be multiple people. According to at least one of the informants of Harry Middleton Hyatt, "The Seven Sisters" were actually one woman who tricked clients by changing her clothing. Another informant claimed that the"Seven Sisters" were but one woman who herself was a seventh sister, as in that she has six sisters. This last informant tells a far more believable story as the seventh son or daughter was believed to have been magical, either possessing blessings or curses, such as the gift of prophecy or even becoming a werewolf! To this day there are individuals who insist that the Seven Sisters were seven different women. It should also be stated that there is a tendency for imitation in the magic business, so it is possible that multiple women took on the name of "Seven Sisters" in order to tap into the fame and lore surrounding the original sisters. 

These magickal hoodoo oils are named after the 7 sisters and are a popular voodoo/hoodoo item. There are multiple varieties for different intentions and results.