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Anvil Dust


At Artes and Craft we are lucky to have TUBAL'S FORGE... We blacksmith our own athames, burins, stangs, iron wands, tools and much more... As a by product we get ANVIL DUST on our anvil!

Anvil dust is a by product of blacksmithing... It is the slag and powder that out-gasses from the hot iron while it is red hot and being beaten with hammers. It collects on and around the anvil... To the blacksmith it is a pain in the butt... BUT for spell casters and witches it is a critical ingredient (and hard to find)... So many have asked us to start collecting it that we now do so every time we forge. OURS IS THEREFORE THE REAL THING - actual proper anvil dust created while forging magickal tools... Doesn't get any more authentic than that,,,

Mars.... As iron belongs to Mars and blacksmithing, so therefore this is a Mars "herb". Anvil Dust is used for luck and luck magick.. Especially useful in mojo bags, powders or for dressing candles. Some also say it is a powerful love magick charm. It is also an important ingredient in Goofer Dust.