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  • Silver Birch and Iron Athame and pentacle - Freya


    This is our new "Priest/ess" range of athames.... Extra Large, Extra Detailed... This one has a pentacle stamped into the blade on one side using an old rail road spike! Then we used ball hammers to create a cratered Luna effect, and then polished it to a mirror finish. AND we carved a large pentacle in the handle base!

    Birch is sacred to the divine feminine. It is traditionally associated with Venus, and is the first tree to grow after a forest fire, so associated with healing, growth and regeneration. Birch has a fine grain and is quite a plain wood, so we have learned a technique to leave a little of the bark and under bark on, which makes a gorgeous finish. The handle is hand carved and then sanded to a fine furniture finish and oiled with our Luna Ignis "Lady" anointing oil.

    The Athame is approximately 19 inches long - 10 of which is the blade.