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Small Selenite Moon Wand 3 Double Terminated


Hand carved and polished, each wand takes several hours of painstaking work. Selenite is named after Selene, and so these wands are superb for all Moon Goddess workings. Selenite is an optic crystal; the sun or moon will light these wands up as though lit from within by white light of spirit.

This wand is 4 inches in length.

NOTE - These are hand carved from natural selenite crystal, all gifts from mother earth contain imperfections and faults.... This actually enhances the beauty and makes each unique. No polished selenite wand is therefore "perfect" - as each has been polished until transparent the natural pits, fissures and imperfections in each will be visible - there will also be surface imperfections.

CARE OF YOUR WAND... Selenite is porous and erodes in water... So do not get your wand overly wet. Each has been polished to a glass finish - so wiping down with a soft cloth is fine. As per tradition wrap the wand in a suitable cloth - this will also keep it free from scratches.