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Liber Lunae: Book of the Moon


Liber Lunae is a composite text containing three major sections:

  • The Mansions of the Moon, describing the operations of the 28 constellations of the lunar zodiac, their magical virtues and their names.
  • The Hours of the Day and Night, describing the operations of the 12 hours of the day and the 12 hours of the night, their names, virtues, talismanic images, and angels to invoke.
  • The Figures of the Planets, describing each planet's magic square, virtue, suffumigation, magical directions, and inscription.
Liber Lunae is fully transcribed from a sixteenth-century English manuscript, annotated, edited, and supplemented by modernized English versions of 'The Hours of the Day and Night', 'The Figures of the Planets', and 'The Mansions of the Moon', combining both Liber Lunae and Sepher ha-Levanah.

Transcriptions of related material on talismanic images and on the virtues of different hours and their names from other sections of Sloane MS 3826 are also included. The full introduction places the material contained in Liber Lunae into the general scheme of magical literature.

This volume also features a facsimile of A. W. Greenup's 1912 edition of Sepher ha-Levanah, a Hebrew version of Liber Lunae material. A full English translation of Sepher ha-Levanah prepared by Calanit Nachshon is included.