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  • White Oak and Iron Athame - Pucka


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    This is one of our new "rippled" blades... Where we use a special texturing hammer to create the effect of ripple on water on the highly polished blade! 

    The white Oak handle is a pleasing shape. Cut from one of the many mighty oaks we are blessed with at the Covenstead at Beltane 2015. This athame brings the forces of the oaken king and horned god and all the powers of spring. Oak is solar in nature - perfect for workings of health, joy, success and prosperity. This is a substantial and powerful athame. All our handles are sanded to a fine furniture finish and completed with one of our Luna Ignis anointing oils - in this case "Lord".

    This athame is approx 12 inches long in total with a 5" Iron blade.