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  • Peach and Selenite Athame


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    This is one of our unique carved and highly polished Selenite athames.

    it took ages to learn the process - Selenite is tricky to work with and unforgiving.

    We carve the blade from a stick of Selenite and then use our blacksmiths equipment to grind the blade from 80 grit down to 5000 grit Jewelers polish... It takes 10 cycles of increasingly fine pain staking and careful work... But the end result is a gorgeous transparent blade that looks like it is made from an icicle... Silky smooth and full of Luna power.

    The hand carved handle is pretty Peach, which is sacred to Venus/Aphrodite. The village where we live, not 5 miles from the store, is called Coloma and is famous for its peaches... So it seemed fitting to use some! Peach is a gorgeous orange wood. Our technique is to leave a little of the under bark layers... Which in the case of Peach has amazing white and purple patches. The handle is hand carved and then sanded to a fine furniture finish and oiled with our Luna Ignis "Lady" anointing oil.

    The Athame is approximately 11.5 inches long - 5.5 of which is the blade.