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When you need Wiccan supplies for your day-to-day worship or rituals, choose a Wiccan supplies shop that provides only the highest quality products. At Artes & Craft, we provide handmade Wiccan supplies. Best of all, we avoid products that are "common" or "garden," focusing only on unique items for worship.

Whether you need supplies for altar setup, sacred rituals, candle lighting, or casting spells, Artes & Craftes has what you need. Learn more about our Wiccan shop today.

Our Handmade Artisan Products

Our store only sources from North American Pagan artists, and we proudly sell handmade products from over 40 different vendors. Our store also takes inspiration from influential Wiccan sites like Glastonbury, Cornwall, the east and west coast of the USA, and Mexico.

Just a few of our high-quality products include:

  • Jewelry
  • Ritual tools
  • Aromatherapy ointments
  • Oils
  • Home décor
  • Soaps
  • Adornments
  • Spell kits
  • Candles

Whatever you need for your Wiccan worship, our shop has something for you - in the form of a beautifully handcrafted items made by fellow practitioners.

Our Crafting Process

Never in our shop will you find manufactured products made in international sweatshops. We only source products made by those who know about and acknowledge our path. For example, Artes & Craft has its own forge and woodwork shop, dedicated to creating ritual weapons by hand. Each of these weapons are made following the necessary correspondences and times to create a ritual weapon.

Furthermore, our tools and adornments will be made from local materials, ensuring their quality for your needs.

Our Pagan Commitment

We refuse to be a New Age shop, so we focus steadfastly on products relevant and helpful to our Wiccan customers, in addition to those who follow other paths.

When you choose Artes & Craft, you choose a business run by fellow followers of paganism. In addition to our quality wares, our owners have followed paganism for many years and would be happy to give their advice and experience for free. When you shop with us, you receive more than just your wares.

To learn more about our Wiccan supplies, contact us today.