Witchcraft Supplies Online

Witchcraft is an intricate and particular pagan practice, steeped in tradition, that requires specific items and supplies to practice. If you're a witchcraft practitioner who wants to buy the highest-quality witchcraft supplies available, look no further than Artes & Craft.

We offer our handmade supplies at our online store, and remember, everything on our site was made by pagans for pagans; you won't find any tourist trinkets here.

What Makes Our Supplies Different

We don't buy mass-produced supplies from other countries; instead, after spending years of time abroad in Europe, we've modeled our company after some of the best witchcraft supplies stores in London and Glastonbury. We use our own forge and woodworking shop to craft our handmade materials and supplies from locally gathered Michigan materials.

As practitioners ourselves, we know what supplies you need, and we know how important quality is, so you'll find nothing but the best here. Some of our supplies include:

  • Hand-forged blades
  • Jewelry
  • Oil blends
  • Incense
  • Carved wooden ritual tools
  • Metal idols and figurines
  • Books of rites
  • Spell kits
  • Candles

Our supplies are designed with every practitioner in mind, including Wiccans, heathens, traditional witches, ceremonial magicians, and hedge witches, and we also have supplies for faery path, voodoo, hoodoo, folk magick, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, Vodun, Conjure, and Yoruba. Browse through all of our supplies to see everything we offer.

What Makes Us Different

While Artes & Craft was only started in 2016, we have decades of experience in witchcraft, and we've been practicing pagans for just as long. We've traveled the world and seen wonderful stores and met wonderful practitioners, and now we want to use our experience to help practitioners around the United States.

We have a flat shipping rate of $3.99 for any location in the United States for orders under $25, and we offer free shipping for orders over $25. Plus, if you live in a different country, email us, and we can figure out shipping for you. Buy your witchcraft supplies online today or call us at (269) 621-2221.