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We specialize in unique and rare handcrafted supplies made by pagans, witchcraft artisans and practitioners

Unique & Handmade Witchcraft Supplies

Artes & Crafts specializes in unique and rare handcrafted supplies made for pagans by pagans. We have gathered products from the best pagan, witchcraft artisans and practitioners that we have come across in long years of travel.

We bring you the exceptional, unique, handmade, charged, and potent ritual tools and adornments. We support pagans in North America.

Artes & Crafts

Our Pagan & Witchcraft Supplies

Our reputation for pagan supplies rivals the famous east and west coast stores. We spent a great deal of time in England and molded Artes & Craft to be in line with the world's best and famous stores in Glastonbury and London. Our witchcraft supplies are unique and made by practitioners.

We carry items to delight Wiccans, Heathens, Traditional Witches, Hedge Witches, Ceremonial Magicians, also conjure, Hoodoo, Vodun, Yoruba, Santa Muerte, and more.

We also carry many of the most famous brands in pagan and witchcraft supplies, Coventry Creations, Dorothy Morrison, famous brand incense, Seven Sisters voodoo oils and many more!

Our Brand of Products

Artes & Crafts

Our Apothecary

Our Apothecary is huge. We are pagan and witchcraft incense and herb experts. We have ten types of Frankincense, five types of Copal, and much more. We have well over 200 witchcraft, pagan and occult herbs, aromatic woods and resins, and over 110 essential oils.

We also carry the more exotic witchcraft plants such as Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, Fox Glove.  

Shipping Services

We ship witchcraft supplies all over North America and to pagan service men and women overseas... We have a NEW flat rate shipping policy starting March 2020.... $3.99 Flat rate shipping on all orders of any size below $25 in value...


Our typical processing and shipping time is about 7-10 days for most orders. 

Custom blacksmithing orders are about 6 weeks out currently.  

Artes & Crafts