WE ALWAYS REFUND EXCESS SHIPPING. Midwest shoppers will get 50% approx back

We specialize in the unique and handmade - For pagans by pagans.

We have gathered products from the very best pagan artisans and practitioners that we have found in our many years of travel. We bring you the very special, unique, handmade, charged and potent ritual tools and adornments. We support pagans in North America, you will not find many mass produced items made in 3rd world sweat shops in our store. 

We carry items to delight Wiccans, Heathens, Traditional Witches, Hedge Witches, Ceremonial Magicians, also Conjue, Hoodoo, Voudun, Yoruba, Santa Muerte and more besides! Our own brand of products includes hand forged blades, carved wooden ritual tools made from hard to find European woods such as Rowan, Blackthorn and Whitethorn, we also have jewelry, incense and oil blends - and we offer custom work also. We also carry statuary and jewelry by famous Pagan Artists such as Paul Borda, Maxine Miller and Derek Frost.

Our Apothecary is HUGE - we are incense and herb experts - we have 7 types of Frankincense, 5 types of Copal and much more - in all we have well over 100 witchcraft and occult herbs, aromatic woods and resins & going on 80 essential oils. We also carry the more exotic witchcraft plants such as Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, Fox Glove. We even sell live plants for the witches garden in the late spring and summer.

WE ALWAYS REFUND EXCESS SHIPPING!! We ship all over North America and to pagan service men and women overseas... We have to charge a flat rate per item... Which needs to cover shipping anywhere... If you put a lot of items in your cart it can add up.. BUT we always refund any excess after going to the post office... Midwest customers will find the actual shipping costs refunded are about 50%.